Facial detection for smart cameras

Tribe enables smart cameras to identify biometric markers and emotions using facial detection.


Our facial detection technology is used for enhanced security, and to analyse customer behaviour - leading to an improved customer experience in various environments. 

How Tribe is helping to create a smarter security ecosystem:

Tribe is a launch partner for Security & Safety Things, a Bosch spin-off, which is revolutionising the security camera ecosystem by creating one platform for developers, integrators and manufacturers of security cameras.

Tribe's technology works on the edge and is stored exclusively on the device on which it is captured. All data is anonymised to protect users details and no personal data is stored.

How Tribe is helping camera integrators and manufacturers to analyse customer behaviour in retail environments:

Biometric detection:

​Biometric markers deliver vital data that can be used for product development, and to enhance your customers in-store experience.

Our biometric markers can reveal:

  • Which age groups are visiting your store, and how does their movement pattern differ.

Emotion detection:

​Capture and analyse customers reactions as they engage with your brand at various touch-points in and around your environment. 

Our emotion detection capability can evaluate:

  • If your customers are enjoying their store visit and where could be potential pain points along their customer journey.

  • How to improve staff performance by receiving live situational feedback.

Use Cases:

Our facial detection solutions are shaping customer experience and security features in:


Retail ​


Airport security




Comercial buildings

Want to find out how your store visitors are behaving? Please connect with us to request a demo.