About us

Our two co-founders Kevin and Julian have more than 15 years of experience in mathematical research, technology start-ups and top-tier consulting.

We started our journey with avatar creation in order to develop a more accessible platform for Artificial Intelligence. Giving a face to A.I. removes technological barriers, because every one of us knows how to talk face-to-face. We learn to interpret and respond to faces from the moment we open our eyes and non-verbal communication is something that we share across languages, cultures and nations.

Committed to excellence, our team was awarded first plane in the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona in 2019. Tribe was selected as the winner, from a pool of 1000 entries and a shortlist of 15 finalists.

Welcome to Tribe

We are a seed-funded, high performing, high-tech company reinventing the way machines interact with humans. Our diverse tribe with Brazilian, Croatian, German, Italian, Japanese, Macedonian, Portuguese and Russian roots is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.


We are looking for exceptional individuals who share our passion and want to join us on our exciting journey.


Want to join the tribe? 

Our founding team

Julian Hoelz


Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company


COO & Head of Business Development at IoT Startup

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Dr. Kevin Metka


Math PhD and experienced Python & C# developer

Co-founded one of Germany's first robo advisors and served as CTO

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Our advisors

Ben Aldrich

COO at Ziglu

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Garan Goodman

MD at METRO Target Retail Accelerator

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Sebastian Johnston

Advisor at Techfounders

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Our partners

Our clients

Our office

Harzer Straße 39

12059 Berlin, Germany