Generation of human emotions

Tribe's real-time animation engine enables chatbots to engage with users naturally: face-to-face.


We give your A.I. the capability to express human emotions as it reacts to interactions.

How it works


We create a canonical avatar based on a three-dimension grid by Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).


We capture the dense point network in the user's face by combining interpolation of logic (cubic splines) and a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). 

3-xxl (1).png

We map viewpoint mesh on avatar grid and calibration

(deep learning) for emotion depiction.


Full Automation

Our fully automatic and amazingly fast engine produces a lifelike 3D avatar that is ready to be animated within 5 seconds.


Cross Platform

We support integration into any web browser or native application on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Infinite Scalability

Start with our lightweight cloud solution scalable to unlimited number of users, or go native and integrate our engine directly into your application.

Personalize your brand experience and give your A.I. interactions a face. Connect with us for a demo.