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React Emotionally 

Understand what your users are telling you and react to their mood in real time.


Engage Face-to-Face

Add a face capable of expressing human emotions to your user interface, to create an intimate user experience.



Collect rich visual emotional feedback and improve your decision model in order to deliver what your users want.

Emotion generation for chatbots

Turning A.I. communication into human conection.

We provide the technology that brings conversational A.I. chatbots to life. We make them human by giving them faces - and interactive - by giving them the ability to understand human emotions and express their own.

Tribe enables you to add a human touch to any application: from A.I.-powered customer support chatbots to our next generation of in-store assistants.


Face-to-face communication

Face-to-face communication is the most satisfying and most effective communication for humans.


Humans need non-verbal information

to make sense of each other.


Non-verbal information

Our communication is conveyed non-verbally when we speak about our feelings and attitudes, but machines currently miss out on humans non-verbal information.


This is one of the biggest reasons that chatbots are still so bad at understanding our intent, and why interacting with them is often unsatisfying.

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Face for A.I.

Giving machines a face will solve this problem and dramatically improve



Giving machines a face will prompt the user to reveal their face as well.

Our solution is centered on 3 theses:

Use cases:

Our emotion generation technology is currently enhancing the user experience in:



Shop Assistant 

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Customer Service

Ready to engage face-to-face with your customers? Please connect with us for a demo.