Biometric & emotion detection

Our facial detection technology detects key biometric information and understands users facial expressions in real time, marking a turning point in machine learning.

Using biometric and facial detection technology enables organisations to collect rich emotional feedback and use it to improve decision-making process. While it can provide a wealth of data and intelligence to shape product and brand experience over the long term, it also empowers organisations to address customer reactions in real time.

Emotion detection technology

With emotion detection, an angry or disappointed customer can be assisted immediately,

giving you the power to turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one.

Emotions we detect in real time:








Biometric marker technology

Each human unique biometric marker plays a vital role in your ability to collect customer demographics, find out who is visiting your retail environment and how they are engaging with it.

Biometric information we detect from a single image: 

Age Group

Lip Color


Eye Color

Skin Color

Hair Color

Improve your decision-making in real-time.
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