Our mission is to provide everyone in Europe with instant access to eyecare. We believe that buying glasses should be as easy as buying clothes but as safe as going to the doctor.

Therefore, we are building the world’s fastest and most reliable way to buy prescription glasses with nothing but your smartphone. We are literally putting the optician in your pocket so you can order a new pair of glasses from wherever you are.

Our mobile app helps customers find a frame that truly fits their face and style, offers realistic virtual try-ons and easy sharing with loved ones and lets them update their lens prescriptions whenever needed.

Tribe has recently been acquired by Mister Spex, Europe’s largest online optician. As such, your work has the chance to directly impact the lives of millions of people.



We are looking for an experienced Mobile Tech Lead to take on a leading role in one of our products and help embed our core technology into user-friendly iOS/Android apps. Reporting to the CTO, your primary tasks will be:

  • Develop software solutions: Planning and executing the implementation of Android / iOS mobile for internal and external users

  • Communication: Debating, discussing, and deciding on the overall architecture. Align closely with mobile team to ensure smooth and efficient integration of deep tech components.

  • Communication: Working with the UI/UX designers and computer vision experts and bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation, taking an active role on both sides, and defining how the application looks as well as how it works

  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

  • Research: Evaluating best technologies and picking the right tools for the tasks at hand

  • Coding: Writing beautiful, elegant, easy to maintain, and understandable code

  • Testing: Testing cross-browser, cross-platform and/or cross-device compatibility for inconsistencies

  • Document projects: Every aspect of a system or application must be thoroughly recorded. These documents will serve as references for new employees and for future maintenance of the system.

  • Leadership: Mentor junior colleagues

  • Leadership: Set clear expectations that are challenging but achievable (stretch goals)

  • Leadership: Provide continuous informal feedback on progress ("keep & change"), set up regular formal feedback sessions: focus on strengths/spikes rather than development areas

  • Leadership: Hold colleagues within team and in other departments accountable for their commitments


We encourage an open feedback culture in which all team members share and discuss feedback continuously. In addition, personal development goals for each team member will be defined jointly and reviewed regularly. For you, personal development goals will be defined and reviewed informally with the Mobile Tech Lead on a monthly basis. Performance will be reviewed more formally on a quarterly basis by the CTO in conjunction with Board Members as is appropriate.




Following the Must/Should/Could language convention, you need to tick the following boxes:

  • MUST have a get-stuff-done mentality in a move fast and break things environment

  • MUST have experience in deploying iOS-based applications from within XCode

  • MUST have excellent Swift / Objective-C skills and experience

  • MUST have profound knowledge of iOS design patterns

  • MUST have publishing experience Apple Store / Testflight

  • MUST write reusable, testable, and efficient code

  • MUST have a solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle

  • MUST have a good understanding of code testing and versioning tools

  • MUST have experience in REST API

  • SHOULD have experience with ARKit / SceneKit applications

  • SHOULD have experience with third-party libraries and APIs (Firebase, Shop-related features, etc.)

  • SHOULD have experience in CocoaPods / Swift Package Manager

  • COULD have experience with embedding modules written in Python / C++

  • COULD express yourself well in writing creating documentation, diagrams, and well-documented code

  • COULD consider, understand, and implement security and data protection



Originally founded in Berlin, our diverse team works from all over Europe. We have been committed to a remote-friendly culture since the beginning, prioritizing talent over location from the start.

You will be working with a stellar team with 15+ years of experience in university research, tech start-ups, and top-tier consulting. Your work will have a direct and measurable impact on the road towards realizing our vision of providing everyone in Europe with instant access to eyecare.